With all the knowledge, skill, and equipment you’d expect from a full scale marketing company, Lot Sherpa is here to simplify all things creative. From Design and Production to Dealer Training, we handle it all so you don’t have to.

Design Services

Hiring a designer is anything but easy: are they reliable, timely, skilled, trustworthy? We strive for a resounding yes to all of these questions.

Some of our Areas of Expertise

• Brand Identity & Strategy

• Custom Logo Design

• Custom Graphic Solutions

• Merchandising

Production Services

From Business Cards to Billboards, our full-scale production facility is at your disposal. From concept to delivery, Lot Sherpa can carry your project all the way.

Some of our Production Capabilities

• Printed & Contour Cut Vinyl

• Custom Cut Vinyl Lettering

• Lamination

• Specialty Material Production

Merchandising Audits

Your lot is unique, and your merchandising mix should be too. Our goal is to ensure your lot is information rich, and standing tall 24/7/365.

Audit Items of Interest

• Messaging Accuracy

• Location Utilization

• Cost/Coverage Discovery

Dealer Training

Just because you’re outside of our local market doesn’t mean Lot Sherpa can’t be your trusted merchandising partner. We can arrange for a brief workshop to teach your staff the necessary skills for vinyl mastery.

Some of Our Training Topics

• Vinyl Basics

• Graphic Installation

• Graphic Removal

• Pre & Post Installation Skills

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